Is Android One Really Dead?

Google always looks up in countries like India to expand their products. Even they are aware of non-Internet or smartphone availability for many people and that’s where the Google find a loophole to get expand, provide services like the Internet, Android (pretty obvious :P) etc.. and get more revenue of it being India one of the most populated countries (crossed China too). At the end, it is a brand and wants to earn too.


One such plan was Android One, announced by Sundar Pichai. Like most of the Indian brands not supporting smartphone regarding software updates and after sales service, Google aimed to it by bringing Android One Devices with Google OEMs by teaming up with Micromax, Spice and Karbonn. All three devices had same specs. MediaTek 6582 chipset, 1GB RAM, 5/2 MP Camera, 1700mAh Battey and launched in 2 variants i.e, 4GB and 8GB (commonly Known as Sprout 4 and Sprout 8). The specs might sound cheap but the performance was exceptionally well. Yes it was a killer deal @5000 bucks on Amazon Sale few Years ago.. (not a flash sale)


                        {These devices had 2 generations but in India, they sold only one ..}        

            { They launched Android One in other Countries too and in some with Snapdragon Variants (why not India?) }


These devices got huge support i.e, getting security patches and latest Android updates(till Marshmallow 6.0.1). As promised it was going to get the directly from Google. Even Micromax promised the Nougat update after asking (Micromax Copying Lenovo :P). The day to day performance of this device was exceptionally good though (like an under budget Xiaomi Phone Today)  and had no compromise on build quality (being having a plastic back). It looks dope!

The design was kinda Nexus-ish and after getting regular updates, the feeling was same though.. Being a Mediatek chipset, heating is something normal on bit heavier tasks (What more you can expect from a 5000Rs Device)

The Android One Program failed because

  1. It was a phone that aimed to bring people more on internet and Google and was sold Online 😛
  2. Google had chosen some Non-Reputed brands for which sounds cheap for many customers

Even Google is Planning to aim something big from Android GO Program and Google is ready to target those people again though.



Despite the fact that the plan was failed, the people who own it today are pretty happy… why?


  1. It’s still a very fluid device.. for once, a person would not believe that specs after using the device for the first time
  2. Great 3rd party development, Despite the fact that the Android One Devices are Stopped Getting official support, the developers on XDA are working on them and providing awesome custom ROMs without that bloat (Even got Custom ROMs based on Nougat 7.1.2) as being a totally stock Google device, it is quite easy to port ROMsfrom another Nexus devices (that happened in Most of Cases). Developer Varun Chitre (ThunderZap) first bring the Android One into Custom ROM family and is known to support many Mediatek Devices on XDA tree. Even he is supporting it today.

                           Even it is rumored to get Custom ROMs of Android O too…

Android One has Got all tops Custom ROMs like-  CynogenMod, Lineage OS(successor of CynogenMOD), Resurrection Remix, AOSP etc..


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