Asus ROG RYUO 240 AlO Cooler with OLED Display Launched in India !!!

Previously NZXT has been successfully selling their Kraken series AIO coolers which had OLED screen on their CPU Blocks, but they could only display NZXT logo and had RGB lighting which could be controlled via software.

In CES 2018 Asus had gone a step forward and had built an AIO cooler with an OLED screen on the CPU block which could not only display their customised ROG logo but can also display GIFS or Photos as per the user’s wish.

Finally after some tweaks ASUS has officially released the 240mm model.

The only reason this cooler stands out from the rest of the coolers is the 1.77” full colour OLED display, on which the animation, colours and the content to be displayed can be customised via the software.

In the box the cooler comes with the AIO, two 120mm fans and also has a USB Cable through which it can be connected to the computer. It also comes with 3 years of warranty.

Considering the price of the NZXT Kraken cooler India the ROG cooler at the price of around 15,500 seems to be a better option keeping in mind that the content to be displayed on the CPU block is user customisable.


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