Get name of any Background Music!

YouTube videos are up to mark, when the video quality and the audio are crisp. Background Music also plays a big role in enhancing the experience. Content creators are always in search of unique music, to create a keen interest amongst the audience. Most of the times, the music name is kept secret and not revealed by creators, even after we request. But not to worry, here’s a very simple way by which you can get to know any background music name on your phone, in one simple click!

You don’t need any app for this, just an active internet connection. But you will need two devices for this, as you will be playing the music on one device, and using the other device to record and scan the sound track. Just make sure you are running the latest version of Google app.

Step 1 : Go to your phone widgets. Go to Google App, select Google Sound Search.

Step 2 : Play the sound from any source, be that be music app, YouTube app or anything. And now, click on that Sound search icon that we created.
The app will scan the music for 3-4 seconds.

Result –  The app will give you the exact name of the sound track being played.

As of now, the app has a great success rate and works most of the time with popular music tracks.

Simple Right ?

Now you too can use the same track, or enjoy the featured music! This trick comes really handy when you want to know the name of music used by YouTubers, vloggers or if you are at a party, and just forgot the name of the song being played, simply use this trick! Thanks for making it till here.

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