Best Phones you can buy right now in All Budgets! [Updated- May 2018]

Are you searching for the best smartphone you can buy in your budget? Then you are at a correct place! In this post you will find phones ranging from INR 6000 to 35000 & I’m pretty much sure you will be able to make up your mind after going through the list.


Redmi Note 5 Pro – With Snapdragon 636& 4/6 GB of RAM plus optimized MIUI 9 based on Nougat, this is one of the best performing device at budget! 4100mAh battery will make sure that you get through a day without any issues! Camera performance is the best in class in this segment and as of today, no other device even comes close to Redmi Note 5 pro in this price range. Excellent battery life (One of the best in this list) & very Good metal build Quality which doesn’t feel cheap at all! Flash sales are huge downside of Redmi Note 5 pro though.

Price – 14,999/-

Watch the full review here.

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Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1- So finally we get some good competition to Xiaomi in this price range, the Zenfone Pro Max M1 is really a good competitor. With Snapdragon 636 and 5000mAh of battery which is almost 1000mAh more than the Redmi Note 5 Pro, performance and battery life should be really great on this device. It also has a good set of dual cameras to the back which perform really good, also its priced much cheaper and aggressively than the Redmi Note 5 Pro. You can read our comparison of both the devices here.

Price – 10,999/-


Honor 7X-If you want something different then Huawei has something to offer you, the Honor 7X. With Kirin 659 processor and a good set of dual cameras to the back, the Honor 7X is a good buy in the range of 15,000 INR. Also, it is sold openly withou any flash sales on so if you are tired with all the flash sales hassle, then the Honor 7X is a good device to look out for. You can look for the overview of the device here.

Price – 12,999/-


Moto G5 Plus – This is one of the devices which really had the opportunity to be the best budget device of 2017 but Lenovo ruined it by not adding compass sensor and by giving not so good build quality & very big bezels, bigger than any other phone in the list! Still the G5 Plus remains to be one of my favorite devices due to its excellent camera, Stock like Android, ergonomic design & snappy performance. The camera of this device still stands strong even by today’s standards, and we expect this to be updated soon with it’s successor, The Moto G6 lineup in India soon, so we recommend you waiting.

■ Under 10,000 ■

Redmi Note 5- 2GB RAM variant of this device will cost you Rs 9999 and except for not so good multitasking and ability to run only 3-4 apps simultaneously in the background this device remains to be a very good choice here too. If you need a good 18:9 display & better build quality then this is a very good choice too with a decent pair of cameras too.

Price – 9999 /-

Full review here


►Redmi 5A- The successor to the Redmi 4A. If you are super tight on budget or want a very cheap but good performing smartphone at around 6000 then this is the device to go for. It performs really well for the price with very good battery life. Camera is Average as expected from a smartphone of this budget! Once again this Xiaomi device relies on flash sales so its going to be little bit tough to buy it from Flipkart.

Price – 5999/-

■ Under 35,000 ■

Well this segment did not have that great options a few years ago but now, we have really great flagship grade specs phones in this price range, but now we have a lot.

►Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 – The MI Mix 2 is a device that really has almost zero competition in the design aspect. The bezel-less design and the high screen to body ratio, Snapdragon 835 processor and 128GB of storage, there is no letting down in any aspects when it comes to performance in this device. It has a good enough camera, not the best in class but the design and performance are the aspects of this device, and even as of today, the Mi Mix 2 for 30,000 on Flipkart is a really good buy.

►OnePlus 5/5T – We really don’t have to explain much when it comes to OnePlus in this budget. A beast at performance, a great camera and a solid build quality, the OnePlus 5 and 5T both really nail the competition when it comes to overall device. You can watch our in-depth review of OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T to make your purchase decision better.

►Honor View 10 – This is a really under rated device which no one talks about much. The View 10 has great performance to offer with it’s Kirin 970 processor and a great pair of dual cameras to the back with a solid build quality to offer. The battery life on this device is great too, so if you are at a budget of 30,000 and don’t want to go with OnePlus or Xiaomi for obvious reasons, then The Honor View 10 makes a really great choice.

Full review here.




  1. I am thinking of buying a phone under 10,000 but very much confused b/w redmi note 4 ,Moto g play or something else. Please help me becoze most of the phones have heating problem which is a big issue for me.

  2. does moto g 5 plus has inbuilt gallery app as it not there in moto g4pluS. how is the speaker in terms of moto g 4plus ?????replyme@emailaddress

  3. Hii !! Dhananjay…. i really appreciate all ur hard work…. i love all ur videos its a grt tech chanel…. my question is can pls tell about samsung c9 pro… nd plss again make a video on best apps…

    Keep working hard as always you do…. nd kamyambi apke kadam chupti rahegi….

  4. Hii !! Dhananjay…. i really appreciate all ur hard work…. i love all ur videos its a grt tech chanel…. my question is can u pls tell about samsung c9 pro… nd plss again make a video on best apps…

    Keep working hard as always you do…. nd kamyambi apke kadam chupti rahegi….

  5. Hi Dhananjay,
    Hope you are well!
    I want to use adevise for 3 to 4 years.
    Can you please advise between poco f1 64 or 128 gb, LG G7 4 gb 64 gb or nokia 8.1.
    Thanks in advance!

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