Cast Android screen from one phone to Another

How to Cast/Mirror one Android screen to another Android phone:

  • You’ll be needing 2 phones, over the same WiFi network
  • On one phone whose screen is to be streamed download an app from the playstore, “screen stream over HTTP”
  • After downloading it, open it up and hit on start streaming.
  • Open the browser on another phone and and type in the IP Address
  • Press GO and boom done, you can now stream your Android phone over another Android.

Unfortunately there is no native way of stream one android over another. You can basically stream anything, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit and much more. Of course you cannot control anything from the other phone, which is pretty obvious considering security aspects.

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  1. I always use third-party apps like TeamViewer to mirror my screen. Actually, your procedure is quite helpful and also a little tricky. I found the app screen stream over HTTP is better than the TeamViewer. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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