Earn Money from Home, Get paid by Google!

Earn money from Home, by Google!


Everyone runs a rat race to earn money, and finds shortcuts to it. Well, there’s no shortcut to success but we still try to find out easiest ways to earn money. Earning money from home is what we all dream. But, seems too good to be real. No more! Google’s new application Google Opinion Rewards pays you money just for answering some surveys, and they are too easy!


Yes, it’s completely official app from Google, which asks public opinions over different topics, and rewards you Google Play Credit in return.

You can download and install the Google Play Credit App by clicking Here

This was already available in some Western Countries, but as India is a big market for any company, this was expanded to India recently. Good to see that Google is bringing in more services to India.

How it works ?

Firstly, you need to download the app and run it. It will first ask for some basic details like Name & Postal Address Pin Code. For the first time, you will a sample survey giving you an idea of how the questions will appear. It’s just a survey, not any Quiz! Simple questions like “Do you feel President should have all the rights or Prime Minister ?”. The first survey won’t give you any credits. Later, when any survey is available, you will get a notification from the app to complete the survey.

You will be paid money in the form of Google Play Credit, which you can use to buy Apps, Movies from the Google Play Store.
This is no scam, and a official iniative by Google to know better opinions of the People.


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    • This app is not completely launched in India, we have updated the links, you can install the apk from apkmirror.com and use the app.

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