Everything about Pixel XL 2017!

The most anticipated Smartphone on the 2016-17 “Pixel” and its big brother “Pixel XL” from Google, were one of the most top rated phones, with the best camera, stunning internals and pure and stock latest and greatest Android experience.

Now, as the rumored launch of Google’s next Phone the, Pixel XL 2 is close so being 2017 everything leaks and this is Everything we know about the upcoming Pixel devices.

The biggest flaw of the previous Pixel was it looked so 2014, large bezels, thicker to hold in hand overall a bad design, this 2017 Pixel is looking forward to improving the way Pixel feels in hands by slimming those bezels down and making the device more bigger and sleeker.

With all the renders we have upcoming these days of “Pixel XL 2017” we are supposed to have 3 versions to be code-named as “Taimen”- largest of them all and “Walleye” and “Muskie”. But yet it’s not decided on what the phones will be named, “Pixel XL 2” or any other name. We’ll have to wait a few more months to catch the name.

LG is going to be the manufacturer of the Pixel XL 2, rather than HTC that built the Pixel and Pixel XL. If LG is going to build the phone they’d go with the rounded corners like LG G6 and a weird but trending 18:9 aspect ratio, which is supposed to have a 6 inches diagonal display with much smaller bezels. The back of the phone again indicates a dual tone design from the previous Pixel devices and the fingerprint sensor to be at the back of the phone and will have rounded corners and edges.

Another thing that got some people hyped was that the Squeezable frame but unlike the HTC’s U11 which will be interesting to see.

Other things that people want onboard with the new Pixel XL 2017:

A better camera with hardware stabilization OIS which lacked from the previous models of Pixel, yet videos came out a lot great because of software tricks.

Despite the phones being code-named after the fishes the Pixel 2016 lacked the water-resistant, which is expected to be covered with this year’s device.

Finally, the presentation of basic ports the USB Type-c presence of headphone jack and a bit affordable price will make the Pixel XL the top selling device of 2017!

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