How to successfully flash OTA updates when Rooted on Mi A1

Note :

  • This process will NOT reset the device, you will keep your data.
  • Root access gets removed.
  • Bootloader gets locked.

First power off your device.
Then boot into fastboot mode by pressing Volume Down + Power button simultaneously.
Now connect your phone to your PC by a USB cable.

Now on your PC, Download theLatest Fastboot Image file from here

And the Mi Flash Beta- Here

Now, Move the downloaded zip file to any drive on your PC

Now extract the .zip file

Now go to the folder which we had just extracted
Open that folder, you will find a file like this


Now rename the file by adding .zip extension to it. You can also rename it according to your choice but adding .zip extension is mandatory.

It should look like this.
Now extract this .zip file which we had just created.

Now go to the folder which we extracted where you will find some numerous required files. Don’t worry or get confused. We are still here!

Now install the Mi Flash beta tool on your PC which we had downloaded.

Open the Mi Flash beta tool
Click refresh.

It should show your connected device like this

Now click select the second last folder which had made. (USE THIS FOLDER ONLY)
Select this folder.

To bottom right,
Click on Save user data to complete the process without any data loss.
If you want to have a fresh start, then you can select clean all but if you want to keep your data then select Save user data.

Then select Flash.
This process will take 5-7 minutes.


You flashed the stockrom on your device and now you can install OTA updates on your Mi A1 without any errors.

Now if you want to re-root your Mi A1, then here is our simple guide! –  How to Root Xiaomi Mi A1

If you have any problems, tweet out to us @ChinmayDhumal and @Dhananjay_tech
We will surely help you!


  1. hello i have rooted mi a1, i did root the device previously watching your tutorial on youtube but since oreo update arrived i just checked your unrooting process tutorial and did it. but my phone kept restarting after flashing with mi flash and that 3 gigs of rom and that command i hv also applied fastboot oem lock, but it just keep restarting

  2. Can I still use this method? I have rooted my devices using magisk method that you have told. But currently, I am facing the problem with May 2018 update. It shows Installation Problem even after completely removing the magisk. What should I do now? Please help. :(

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