How to Flash Stock ROM on any Xiaomi device by TWRP recovery/Fastboot Method

How to Flash Stock ROM on any Xiaomi device by TWRP Recovery/Fasboot method

Here’s a small and simple guide to Flash Stock ROM on any Xiaomi device.

 NOTE : You need to have unlocked
 bootloader for this process.
 This is mandatory.

There are two ways of flashing Stock ROM back on your device.
1) TWRP method. (Retains Custom Recovery and unlocked bootloader of your device)
2) Fastboot method. (Device will be as new as out of the box with locked bootloader)

Here’s a video Tutorial on the same!


1) The TWRP method.

If you had any other non-MIUI ROM on your device, you surely must have installed TWRP recovery. Using this method, you will be able to flash StockRom on any Xiaomi device, and even the TWRP recovery & bootloader will remain unlocked.

First, download the TWRP recovery .zip file for your particular device by clicking here.

Now, download the LazyFlasher .zip file [This step is very important, else you would end with a bootloop on your device] by clicking here

After downloading these files, copy them to your Xiaomi phone’s internal storage.

Now boot your device into TWRP recovery mode.

Turn off your device, then hold Volume Up + Power together to boot into the TWRP recovery.

Some devices like Redmi 4, Redmi 3S/ Prime, etc might get a screen like this, don’t worry.
Select recovery from here, then click the blue button. Then it will show the TWRP menu. If you own a Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 3, Mi5, Mi6, etc. then you won’t get such prompt and would directly boot into TWRP.


Now, from TWRP menu, select Wipe, and select Swipe to Factory Reset. This will wipe your app data, but your Media files like photos, videos contacts etc won’t be deleted. So don’t worry.

Now go back, select install. And search for the MIUI ROM .zip file. Click on it, and Swipe to confirm flash. This process takes some time around 5-7 minutes, so be patient and wait.

Now again go back, select Install and select the LazyFlasher .zip file. And the Swipe to confirm flash.
This step is very important, if you don’t do this, your device will be stuck in bootloop. The LazyFlasher .zip file skips the Android security check and allows the phone to boot, if you don’t do this, your phone won’t boot as it won’t be able to pass the security check.

Now click Reboot System.

Now your phone has Stock MIUI ROM with removed root access and unlocked bootloader, with TWRP recovery installed.
You can flash future updates of MIUI by using the TWRP method and file very easily. So don’t worry about future updates.
Here’s a small video guide about how to flash updates with TWRP recovery on your Xiaomi device.

Now, if you want your Xiaomi device to be as good as new, and locked bootloader, then this is the method you should go for.

The Fastboot method works even when your device is in bootloop due to some reasons.
Here’s how you can do that.



2) The Fastboot method.

Note - This method will Wipe 
all the data on your device,
 including Pictures, Videos, 
Images, Contacts etc. So if you
 want to keep your data, take
 a backup of the data on your

First, power off your device. Then press and hold the Volume Down + Power button together to boot into Fastboot mode.

If you are in bootloop, press and hold Volume Down + Power button for 10-15 seconds and you will boot into Fastboot mode.

Now, connect your Phone to your PC using a Micro USB cable.

Now download the Fastboot .zip file for your particular Xiaomi device from here.

Also download the Mi Flash Beta Tool by clicking here.

Now, extract the Fastboot zip file on your PC.

Open the folder which shows after extracting the file. There will be one file in that folder, rename the file as per your device
[For example, if your Device is Redmi Note 4, rename the file as Redmi Note ( spaces are allowed) Adding .zip extension is main]

Now extract that file on your PC.

Now you will see another folder on your PC by the name of your device that you had renamed.

Copy this folder and paste it into any Drive of your PC.

Now, install the Mi Flash Beta Tool, and open it.

Now select the folder which you has pasted into your PC’s drive. Select the folder and click OK.

Then click refresh in the Mi Flash Beta Tool.

To the bottom right, you will find 3 options. Clean all, clean all and lock, Save user data.

We recommend you doing clean all, if you want StockRom on your device but want to keep Bootloader unlocked.

If you even want to lock your Bootloader, select Clean All & Lock.

We don’t recommend using the Save User Data option, as you might encounter some issues. So that’s why we had recommended you to take a Backup of all the data on your device.


Now after selecting either Clean all or Clean all & lock, click on Flash option in the Mi Flash Beta tool.
This will start flashing the Stock ROM on your Xiaomi device and this might again take 4-5 minutes. So be patient!


Once it shows sucess, your device will reboot automatically in the Stock MIUI ROM.

If the green line gets completed and gets paused. Wait for 4-5 minutes and unplug your device even if it doesn’t show success. Just wait for longer time to ensure safety.

That’s it!

You now have Stock MIUI ROM on your Xiaomi device.

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  1. Not able to flash lazyflasher in mi max showing error as updater process ended with error 1 please tell mi how to deal with this. I am not able to boot in stock ROM by twrp.

  2. I am using Android 8.1pixel Rom on my Rooted, unlocked and TWRP installed RN3 and when I try to install miui8 developer Rom with TWRP .I install MIUI Rom and then lazy flasher after that click on recovery then my mob. star and so mi and off.After that I flash eld from PC and flash firmware from mi flasher then my phone started.p ls tell me why and how do I correct it.

  3. I have fully wiped my mobile, the only thing that i see in my mobile when i connect to the pc is the TWRP folder,
    What should i do
    Even I’m confused with Kenzo and Kate
    Pls advise

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