Galaxy S8+ set on fumes while on charging! 2 Cases till now!

Samsung celebrated a great Diwali globally with the launch of Galaxy Note 7, which exploded randomly like firecrackers. We all know the Note 7 tragedy already, alongside the global launch of Galaxy S8 & S8+ too. Samsung in its official statement said that they went through 7 different quality checkpoints of the batteries used in the S8 to ensure better safety. But here we are, with an explosion of Galaxy S8+.  

[Update: The user got some good support and has got his replacement unit in the first week of June. Samsung Service Centre gave the user a brand new S8+, sealed pack. The issue got resolved within 7 days as Samsung provided him a complete replacement unit. Continue Reading to know what actually had happened]

A Galaxy S8+ user from Mumbai, India, who had purchased his device just 15 days before was happy with it until it burst out into fumes on May 30th, 2017. The user says, that the phone was kept idle (Not charging, but kept idle) when he saw fumes coming out of his phone. Soon it caught some fire, and in panic, the user rushed to the nearest Service Centre regarding this issue. A man, scared and in panic, of his life and hard-earned ₹65,000 INR (the cost of the phone) informed the service center about the same, and the service which he got, for a Samsung Flagship phone, was amazing and mentionable. Here’s an image of the report the Service Centre filed the case.

Firstly, the serviceman mentions that the charger was not working whereas, in reality, the charger was completely fine, explains to us the S8+ victim. Then after some serious fight back by the user, they finally decided to change the motherboard itself. This seemed a good move until the next happened.

As an end-user, the person asked for a loaner device or a secondary device, the Service Centre refused to do so. If the service centre would have denied a loaner unit for a midrange phone, the refusal of a loaner device was acceptable with a grain of salt. But for a latest flagship phone costing around ₹65,000 INR, this is what Samsung offers you as a Royal Service.

The Story doesn’t end here…

The servicemen also asked the guy to give his AKG Earphones, which come bundled inside the box with the S8 and the S8+. The fact is, the earphones were not connected, not even near to the device when it exploded. Not sure whether he will get his earphones back or not, but this is some serious royal treatment by Samsung to its customers spending a huge amount of money on their products. The user, however in panic, didn’t click any picture of the phone. It’s quite understandable as a man in a panic, scared for his life and money, rushed to a Service Centre and forgot to capture an image. But he soon informed the very same incident to one of our friend, who tweeted it out.
Well, Samsung should really take care of its Quality Control in its production lineup. It’s really sad to see a big brand like Samsung, already in controversy of the Note 7 explosions, still didn’t learn from its mistakes. Even if considered that the phone was a faulty piece, still the service the user received even after a wealthy purchase, is not something one would expect from.

Important Update-

User received a call from Samsung India giving him a positive response and they even asked whether he had shared the receipt with someone. Not completely sure whether that’s because of our article or not but nonetheless he received a brand new S8 Plus from the company which is a positive and we at sincerely hope that it doesn’t happen with any other user and remains isolated with this user only!

One more Interesting Case where Galaxy S8 Plus was set on fumes!

In this video, the user who faced the issue describes it briefly and explains the whole service center experience too. In short Engineers at service center told Sandeep that the issue is present as water was present in the USB port because of which there was a short circuit in the device which caused smoke but then it has an interesting turn where Samsung India said that

There was no water inside the device

I mean what? Seriously? Service Center says there was water and Samsung India says no water!!

In the first case Replacement Unit was given immediately but in this case, Samsung India has not provided any single unit to Sandeep even after a week or it’s not repaired even now. If they can’t repair it in a week then they should at least provide a replacement unit quickly.

Dear Samsung, please take care of us!

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  1. Thank you Dhananjay, for covering my story. I am the actual customer who was referred to in this blog. There were problems with the phone but it neither blasted nor exploded. There was a problem with the charger and the internal circuitry got burnt emanating burnt odour and subtle fumes. Samsung looked into this issue and the issue is on the path of being resolved.

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