GAPPS (Google Apps) for AndroidN [Nougat/7.0]- TWRP Flashable zip files!

Sometimes finding the correct GAPPS package for you device can be tricky if you dont know much about your device’s CPU architecture or if you flashing it for the first time!

Direct Download Links- OpenGapps & Banks !

Few things to Remember before choosing GAPPS package-

1- Figure out the PLATFORM/CPU architecture you are using-

ARM 64- For Qualcomm processors such as 810/820/650/652/410/430 and many more [ These are usually the Processors which are released in 2016]

ARM-For rest of the Qualcomm processors

x86- For Intel Atom processor based devices [ Such as Asus Zenfone 2015 series]

x86_64- Intel processors with 64 bit architecture

If you do not know the exact architecture then you can simply download the CPU-Z application from Play Store [Click Here]

So after the basics Now it’s time to Download the GAPPS packages!

OPENGAPPS is by far the best & most trusted website for GAPPS package!

With their interesting & intuitive way of selecting GAPPS package, they take our first place!

OPENGAPPS.ORG [Download Now]

There are multiple Packages selection-

Pico- It only has basic Google Apps with only the essential Google Apps such as Play Store & Google Play Services. Pico is my recommendation to anyone who wants to install Play Store & Google Play services. As you can download all the applications later on through the Google Play Store!

Nano to Super- Number of Google Apps present in each package goes on increasing as you move to the top!


AROMA Package- This will let you select the applications which you want to install and you can personalize the apps according to your use!


2nd on our list is Banks Gapps Packages


They do not provide multiple options similar to OpenGapps but if opengapps do not work for you then Banks’ Gapps packages should work!

The only downside being the size of packages that you will have to download-

If we find any alternate links then we will add those in this thread 🙂


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