Get Google Lens on any Android Phone [ROOT]

With the latest update of Android O comes in a feature of Google Lens, which is only limited to Pixel and Pixel 2 XL devices. Google lens is basically an Object recognition software, that means when you point the camera at a specific object or a book or a famous poster, Google will give you information on what you pointed at. It uses Google’s Machine Learning for Image Recognition and Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) to process the information. That is the same thing that Samsung is doing with Bixby.

This is how to get Google Lens in Google Photos on any Android Device [ROOT] –

  • Download the Google Lens file given link down below.
  • Copy and Paste it in the Root of your phone’s storage.
  • Power off your device and head into the Recovery (TWRP).
  • Hit Install and select the Lens and swipe to flash it.
  • Reboot the system and wait for a couple of minutes for the boot to complete.
  • Once on completing the boot, head to the Google Photos and select any photo and you should see the Lens Icon and give it the permission and it’ll recognize the Image and give relevant information depending upon the photo and buying links.
  • Most of the times it works and sometimes when Image is not so good/blurry it doesn’t tend to work.

Download the Google Lens Installer zip file here –

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