Get Moto Gestures on any Android Phone

Moto gestures need no introduction. They made it’s way on their devices and became popular. They come quite handy like chop to turn on the flashlight, twist to launch the camera. Here is a small yet effective way to get this features on almost any Android smartphone without any root access!

Download the Gravity Gestures App
Setup the app as it asks some basic permissions.

It will take you through a glance of all the gestures the app has to offer.

Five gestures are provided by the app as of now, and we may get some more in the future.

The different gestures include
1) Rotate X
2) ‎Rotate Y
3) ‎Rotate Z
4) ‎Shake S

• Here’s how the gestures work.

You can customise these gestures as per your choice. Not just for flashlight or camera, but you can also set it to launch some apps, turn on silent mode, WiFi or Bluetooth. The list is large.

Now to get the exact Moto Gestures, you can select Rotate Z for flashlight and Rotate Y for Camera. This will worl exact same as chop to turn on flashlight and twist to launch camera! But these are not the the only things this app can do. You can select any custom application or even Google Now/Assistant! It’s all to your comfort.

You can change the sensor sensitivity if the gestures don’t work or trigger accidentally even from slight movements. Set the sensitivity to High if the app doesn’t work sometimes or Set it to low if the gestures trigger accidentally. Calibrate it according to your comfort.

This app does not consume much battery. While testing it, we did not experience any battery drops. So thumbs up for that!

Important Note!
This app uses the accelerometer and gryoscope of your device. If your device does not meet the hardware requirements, you cannot install this app.
It works on almost all Qualcomm SnapDragon powered devices. SoC’s like Mediatek, Exynos and Kirin (Huawei) may have some compatibility issues, so do have a note of that. Let us know whether it worked for your device.

Have any issues regarding it?
Tweet out to us @Dhananjay_tech and @ChinmayDhumal and we will surely help you out!

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  1. Hey bro i want fingerprint gestures in my whyred device (i am currently using custom rom Aex pie).How can i do this ? Is there any custom rom that supports it ? and please make a detailed video in this topic also.

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