Get Portrait Mode on old Pixel/Nexus Devices!

So Google’s implementation of their own Portrait mode this year on their Pixel 2 devices was great. Even it outperformed many other flagships like iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 for the most part, all thanks to their awesome AI work that works awesome with their dual pixel. Now, you can also get it on your previous generations Nexus and Pixel devices as well!

Since it is all AI and some of Hardware-based, developer somehow managed this thing to work it on the older Google devices Pixel and Nexus (from 5X). The same implementation, click of no. Of shots, detect the edges and blur the rest.

They’ve created an application called Camera NX which is nothing but a slight mod of Google Camera app. Even the app icon and UI is similar though, quite easy to use.  The installation of this app is not a huge deal so far.   Just download the apk installer from here and that’s it.

All you need to do is click on 3 dots at the left corner and choose ‘Portrait’.  You are ready to rock! and it is likely to work with the front camera as well!

These are images of samples that we shot from Nexus 5X and it seemed to work very fine. Do note that as of now, this app is likely to be more accurate with identification with human faces but it will surely improve over time!


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