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These days, AI systems have come into a new phase. Many brands even launched with their flagship phones, probably it indirectly states that this feature will be a common thing in their upcoming smartphones. We have already seen some AI’s like the Google Assistant, Siri, Bixby and S Voice (:P)

And many people like to have this cool feature on theircurrent (old) smartphones too. Well there are some methods from which Google Assistant and Bicby can be installed to smartphones provided by some Geeks on the XDA-forum but in many cases, it has some limitations too..

If you are already used to any AI, then you are lucky. But there are many people who cannot use them because of incomaptibilty of their current smartphone. Even it seems weird saying “Ok Google” or “Hey Siri!” in a public place as it has not came into common existence for people.

Well has made something cool!!

They  have a series of numbers, controlled by bots which can serve as your Assistant on WhatsApp itself. You can get it by some simple steps 😀

  1. Save these three contacts on your Smartphone (name can be any)
  •     +918015984514
  •     +917397739604
  •     +919042068491


2. Now Create a group on WhatsApp (name can be any) and add these 3 contacts as participants of your group.. (adding any 3rd person is totally optional)



3. Now you will get a Welcome message and some basic info about using this..

    and then you are good to go!!!




               { You may not require it if you are using Google Assistant as it has the write and send feature so you it will be kinda similar! }

The main thing we don’t like about this is it takes more than 7 seconds to reply (based on average use) but it is capable to do many of the work that any AI out there does..



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