How to get WhatsApp Payments feature Now!

WhatsApp payments is the most awaited feature and the wait comes to an end. Now you all know why you are here for. Let’s get to the point. Here’s how you can enable WhatsApp payments on your device.

Go the the PlayStore/Appstore and update your WhatsApp. Your Whatsapp version needs to be 2.18.44 and anything above that. DOWNLOAD FROM HERE

Now here’s a catch. You need to have someone who already has WhatsApp payments enabled.
Ask that person to go your chat and click on Payment, then he will get a prompt like this.

Now you have to go your WhatsApp settings and setup your payments by linking your bank account. The WhatsApp payments system in India is UPI based and is free of cost for 0% transfer fee.

As of now it’s just person-to-person and not for merchant based. But we can expect wide expansion of WhatsApp payments soon considering the huge user base.


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