HTC used an iPhone 6 PCB in teasing their new phone

With brands launching their phones and updating their annual series, they do push out some teasers to create hype and excitement of their upcoming phone. HTC here, too did the same. They did tease a phone on their official Twitter handle but they went too far with it. What you ask us? See for yourself.

ln their tweet, HTC has shown some of the parts that are probably going to be used in their teased phone but what we noticed is that they used an iPhone 6 PCB in teasing their phone. Sounds ridiculous? Funny? Well that’s what our reaction was when we noticed it.

Apparantly, this has to be the company’s flagship of 2018, a successor to their last year’s HTC U11 maybe? Only HTC can confirm that but the fact that they went too far ahead on creating a hype, we just couldn’t resist ourselves to make this a mention.

Another noticable fact is that we can see 4 camera modules in this image. Well are we going to witness triple cameras to the back like the Huawei P20 pro or will HTC use dual cameras to the both front and rear sides, only HTC can tell us on 23rd of May. Stay tuned for any updates over HTC.

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