How to install AOSP Extended 5.0 Alpha and Early Impressions!

How to Install AOSP Extended 5.0 Alpha Build on your Moto G!

Prerequisites –

  • Unlocked Bootloader.
  • Should have Custom Recovery Installed.

Once you have got that done –

  • Download the .zip file of AOSPex 5.0 whoch is the Android Oreo based ROM.
  • Now, Download the Google Apps .zip file for Android O.

(All the Links Down Below)

  • Connect your phone to the PC and enable USB Debugging.
  • Copy both the files that you downloaded in the ROOT of your system storage.
  • Power OFF your device and head to Recovery mode.
  • Once into Recovery Select “Wipe” and go the Advance wipe and select –
  • Dalvik Cache
  • Data
  • Cache
  • System
  • Swipe to Wipe!
  • Go to “Install” and select the AOSPex 5.0 Zip file and swipe to flash
  • Once that done now select the Google Apps Zip file and flash it.
  • Now hit on Reboot System and you are done with the process.


After booting up you’ll notice that the performance is really jittery, dropped frames, slow animations and everything feels a lot choppy while using this ROM. Performance is the major disadvantage of flashing this early build of the ROM, but that’s not only the one disadvantage.

The Camera Doesn’t work, the RIL(Radio Interface Layer) that provides connection and detects the SIM card is not working which means Calling and texting  and using of the Mobile Data is not available. Receiving Data through Bluetooth is not working but sending does.

Battery life of this ROM is also below Satisfactory, the charging speeds after installing this ROM have decreased and Draining speeds have increased. After some light usage of social media Applications phone tends to heat up a lot.

Well now that’s all the Disadvantages, you may be thinking what’s the Advantage of installing this ROM,

You get a very early taste of Oreo on a not so new device. You get all the Android O features, Picture-In-Picture mode, Notification dots, 3D-touching , Octopus Easter egg and many more.

Well so should you flash this ROM? Well you should wait as this is an Alpha build is is a very early build, so installing it on your primary device wont be really beneficial, you should install this for just trying out the cool Android Oreo features out!

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Download the AOSP extended 5.0 Alpha –

Download the GApps for Android O –

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