Install Kali Linux on ANY Android Phone!

Kali Linux is often referred to as “Hacker’s paradise”, previously in order to install it on your phone you need to have an App called as Linux Deploy, then you needed to set the environment and install Kali Linux from there which I have discussed in one of the other articles- “How to Install Ubuntu OS on Android” the process to Install Kali remains the same.

You can also watch the video about same here:

Kali is Based on Ubuntu or Debian OS, even easier method to use Kali Terminal from phone is via using a Kali Nethunter module on Magisk. This module allows you to install the Kali Nethunter chroot on any device with Magisk. This means you get a full Kali chroot environment, but still avoid touching the /system partition and therefore have the advantage of passing SafetyNet (hopefully) etc.

You can read more about it from this Github link:

Steps to Install Kali Nethunter:

  1. Install attached Magisk Module
  2. Reboot device
  3. Run Nethunter app – allow 7(!) Root-related permissions prompts and wait for initialisation
  4. Click “Kali Chroot Manager”
  5. Click “Install Kali Chroot” – “Download Latest”
  6. Install the full Chroot Kali package (around 800MB)
  7. Wait for Chroot to download/install (this may take a few minutes)
  8. Click “Install & Update” – allow Root permission for Nethunter Terminal app

Download Kali Nethunter from here:


  1. Kali contains several hundred tools which are geared towards various information security tasks, such as Penetration Testing, Security research, Computer Forensics and Reverse Engineering. I have been using this on my PC from last two years. Now I can use it on Android too. Thanks for sharing the guide.

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