Micromax Fake Marketing, forgets Android Names, Yet Again!

Micromax, an Indian brand, for name sake of course who is famous for selling rebranded phones under its name has again failed to do proper homework before launching their new phone.

This time, they name Android 6.0 as Lollipop.

We know you just burst out into laughter now, but this is what they have done. Their official website itself says so in the Full Specifications of Vdeo1 phone. We wonder whether it’s a fault or a mistake. Mistake while translating from Chinese to English. After the phone was out in the market, we came to know that it runs 5.0 Lollipop, so probably it was a typo error by the company. Well, first impression is what makes the difference. But if they show up such specifiations, it won’t be wonders that this might be another joke by Micromax. The Vdeo1 was launched way back in September 2016, and still they are marketing their phone as 6.0 Lollipop.

Well, here’s the link to the article


And the story doesn’t end here…

This isn’t the very first instance where we have found Micromax doing silly things. During the launch of Micromax Dual 5, the company said that they did 7-8 months of Research & Development (R&D) and launched their new flagship. One of our blogger friend Amit Bhawani from PhoneRadar.com pointed out smartly that the Dual 5 is just a rebranded Qiku 5 smartphone. It has been selling in China since March 2016. For addition, the Dual 5 sells for 32% higher price as compared to Chinese pricing of the Qiku 5.

Well Micromax, we respect you as a Indian brand, but please can you make some sense before your statements ?

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