MIUI 9 ROM for Redmi Note 3 based on Android Nougat

Epic ROM based on Miui 9 Nougat v.7.8.31


Here is the new almost all fixed version of Mi Max Miui 9 port from unofficial xiaomi.eu ROM.
You can download the ROM from HERE
What’s working :
RIL (Calls, SMS, Data)
FPC fingerprint (Goodix fails)
Camera (for take pictures but not video)
Video Playback

Known issues :
Video recording from stock camera app
Autobrightness is a little crazy
Tell me!

Extra features-
Advanced reboot
Dolby Atmos
Disabled ota from xiaomi.eu
Auto persist flashing for fixing possible rotation bug


    • Some time Fingerprint also not work … And for the applock only the fingerprint which is added on the time of setting up the device is working.

  1. I have installed miui 9 official rom i m facing a problem it shows only Chinese language in theme store and i tried to change it in additional settings>region but it is not opening what should i do may you make a video

    Akshat Rathi

  2. after updating 7.9.14 multirom verion to 7.9.22 my VoLTE stop working so give me some suggestion what can i do?

  3. i have redmi note 3 32gb snapdragon, i made an OTA update last week miui and later wifi started acting wierd, when wifi is switched on phone restarts. Then the wifi is not at all switching on wifi mac address is 02:00:00:00:00 and bluetooth is not working.
    Anyhow phone is working great IMEI are intact getting good signal.
    Things i tried
    1. Tried factory reset didnt solve wifi issues.
    2. flashed custom rom still no success.
    3. flashed chain rom no success.

    Kindly help me solve this, Other threads and guide mention restoring IMEI and efs partition but can anybody make a guide just how to repair only mac address and Bluetooth. It will be a great help.

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