Here comes Motorola’s partnership with Reliance to dominate offline market, new strategy?

At 30th May, Motorola india announced it’s partnership with Reliance Digital which is India’s largest CDIT retail chain, in an event at R City Mall, Mumbai. The partnership is focused on creating Moto Hub at Reliance Digital Stores as an experience to all the customers to view all Moto devices in hand.

At a Moto hub, anyone can come and experience all the devices that Moto has to offer, so that customers can fully experience the device which makes the buying decision even easier, and also this also states that Motorola India has strong intentions of increasing their customer reach to offline sales which is really appreciated as the offline market in India still remains a large share and is stagnant by some brands eve as of today.

Earlier this year, Motorola had also announced 50 new Moto Hubs in Mumbai itself and also a lot of them in other cities across India as well. They also inaugurated the first Moto Hub at Mumbai today in the presence of Shashank Sharma – Executive Director, Motorola Mobility Lenovo MBG Asia Pacific region, B.V. Mallikarjuna Rao – Regional General Manager, Motorola Mobility India and Kaushal Nevrekar – Chief Merchandising Officer, Reliance India. While inaugurating the first Moto Hub under this partnership, B V Mallikarjuna Rao, Regional General Manager, Motorola Mobility India said, “We are highly focused on sharing meaningful experiences and engage with our customers in a more effective way and our partnership with Reliance Digital is a step further in the same direction. With this partnership, we aim to provide access to Motorola’s premium product experience to our customers across India.”

With Motorola’s growing aspirations to expand in the offline region and the efforts they are taking, they seem to really focus on the Indian Market. We would appreciate if Motorola India would narrow the launch timings between the Western launch and Indian launch soon.


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