Nike and Adidas ‘Fitness Apps’ Premium Feature is now FREE!

In this time of trouble, many companies whose businesses work on subscription-based products and services have come forward to provide people with free subscriptions so that they can stay indoors and help stop this pandemic. Amongst them, Adidas and Nike, the two athletic industry giants, have come ahead to announce that their fitness apps, which have the premium feature, will also be free of cost until further notice. 

This initiative is taken in the light of COVID-19 attacking the earth and its existence. Companies are encouraging people at home to exercise their way out of this lockdown. 

The Nike Training Club app can be found on the PlayStore as well as on the iOS store. As per Nike’s website, the NTC App Premium feature will be free ‘until further notice’. The app offers on-demand class-style workouts, programs, expert tips, and many other helpful features in order to keep your body in shape. 

The app offers around 185 workouts which can last from 15mins to 45mins long. People can enter their personal data (height, weight) in order to get customized workouts that are based on their lifestyle. Nike likes to call this the five facets of fitness – training, nutrition, mindset, recovery, and sleep. 

Adidas has also jumped on the bandwagon and offered a premium subscription to people stuck in lockdown. The app includes a “Fit From Home” challenge that people around the world can try and join in. The company stated that almost half a million people have already started participating across 192 countries. 

The Adidas app creates certain workout plans according to your needs and you can download the videos of the particular website to check whether your form is correct or not. You can check your progress in the tab and also check out the feed to see what other people are doing to get inspired. Users can also connect to their Google Fit account here to share the data. 

This, in my opinion, is a very good step to keep people active during this time. Do let us know your stories and your workout routines and whether you use these types of apps in the comments below. Stay tuned for more such news. 


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