Here is the Cheapest way to get official Windows 10! As low as ₹250!

Windows 10 has been out for long, but still today, when we build our own PC rig, we put in all our cash in the processor, GPU, PSU & when it comes to OS, we end up finding alternate ways and install pirated copy of Windows on our desktop because we think that official Windows 10 will cost us thousands of Rupees. In this article, we will tell you how you can get the same official Windows 10 at just  ₹250!

First of all, ou will need to buy the Key of Windows 10 & if you buy it from Amazon then it will cost you few thousands for sure!

Here are some cheap Key buying links-

IMPORTANT- Price may fluctuate as it totally depends on the Seller.

International –

Price  ₹233 or $3.60 or £2.79 –

Kindly prefer to buy from eBay Premium Service seller

If you want to buy from India and want to have the flexibility to Pay via Debit card or Freecharge/PayTM/MobiKwik then buy from this seller on here!  (₹698) Not the cheapest but then you get f the flexibility of payment.

These Links are of & if you are wondering why? Because we could find the cheapest keys from Here only LOL

Now if you don’t have a credit card or if you are unable to buy from those links & if you want to buy in India then we have found one eBay seller selling it for around 1000. This surely sounds steep price after reading the prices from eBay UK sellers!

Buy from Here- [Listing has ended for now. If we find another seller then we will update the links]

And if you aren’t familiar how to install Windows 10 on your PC, here a simple tutorial how you can do that.

How does it work? Windows 10 key will be delivered to via Email in matter of few minutes and input the key by going in Settings-Update & Security- Activation- Change Product key! BOOM! You have officially activated windows 10 now!

If you want to update from a older Windows version like Windows 7, 7 ultimate, 8.1 then download the appropriate files or else follow the YouTube Tutorial linked above and Install windows 10 & when it asks you to input the KEY, Insert the key which is given to you by the seller.
And that’s it, you have official Windows 10 on your desktop for a very reasonable rate!

There is only one catch in this- One key can be used only once (which is obvious) but it will be bound to your Motherboard. Its not a big issue at all! You can change HDD to SSD or format it as many times as you want without having any issues!

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  1. Hey Chinmay, thanks for posting such a helpful guide, which saved my thousends of money!!!

    and thanks to Dhananajay for making this website :p

  2. When it comes to Licencing the Windows OS, most of us end up installing the pirated copies, as the Genuine Licence of Windows costs some thousand bucks! Even it was same in my case until I saw this thread.

    After I’ve read the entire post I was in doubt if it is a genuine thing and whether to buy or not. Yay or Nay! I purchased it via Paypal and got back to my work.

    Moments later (12 Minutes later to be precise), got an email from the seller which included the Licence key, link to the downloadable ISO, and info regarding the purchase. I entered the key in the activation window and Yay! It says ” Your windows is Activated through Digital Licence.” It worked like a charm! Now am pretty satisfied with the purchase for being a Genuine Windows User.

    I recommend this product to the fellow Windows Users. (This is not sponsored bdw)

  3. I always disliked piracy but because of some economic issues i wouldn’t buy the licenced versions which costs around 10K. But the moment i saw your photo on Instagram i wanted to do it and here i am. My roommates are warning me and saying why whats the reason but i want to buy it.

  4. Hey, actually I was looking forward to getting this for my Mac Air for Bootcamp, my concern was that, would it work again? Like, I install it and then suppose remove that partition, so if again I create a new partition from Bootcamp, will it work at that time too?

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