[OFFICIAL] Android 8.1 Oreo for Redmi Note 3 [Nitrogen OS]

Xiaomi may have taken Redmi Note 3 users for granted by not even providing Nougat update for it but the love for the device amongst developers is insane. And the results are here as we have Android 8.1 Oreo ROM for Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon Variant.

- Unlocked Bootloader (pretty obvious, was it even necessary to mention here? )
- Custom Recovery Flashed. 
- Ready to rock.


How to flash?

1) Download the 8.1 Oreo ROM based on Nitrogen OS – Nitrogen-OS-O-kenzo-20171223.zip
2) Now get the arm64 GApps package for Android 8.1 here
3) Copy both files to your phone’s internal storage.
4) Boot your device into recovery mode by turning it off and pressing Volume UP + Power button together.
5) If you were using any Nougat or lower android version before, Wipe Data and Cache (Not necessary if you already using any Oreo ROM. We recommend you wiping data for a clean flash. Do take a backup of your data first. ( We are NOT responsible for any data loss.
6) Backup current ROM if you are pretty cautious.
7) Select the Android 8.1 ROM .zip file and flash it.
8) Now select the GApps package and flash it.
9) Reboot!

Video guide here

A big thanks to the developers for making such a stable ROM so early.
XDA Thread here

As of today, Fingerprint scanner, VoLTE, Camera everything works super fine with no noticable bugs. RAM management is excellent and much better than MIUI. Advantages of using custom ROMs like Nitrogen OS, Lineage OS or any other reputed ROMs is that you get the fastest and latest Android and security patch updates even for older devices for which OEMs have stopped providing software support.

So that’s it!
Now you can taste the latest version of Android on your Redmi Note 3 SD variant.
If you have any issues, do tweet out to us @dhananjay_tech and we will surely help you.


  1. after flashing the rom do i need to flash SuperSu again for root access. Because the root checker is showing NO ROOT ACCESS

  2. I installed this ROM but fingerprint sensor is not working and m not even able to set screen lock ,every time it force closes when ever I try to set pattern lock.. Please help me to solve this problem ..

  3. I am using Nitrogen Android 8.1 ROM on RN3.Everything is working perfectly but camera stop working several times then switch off my mobile and it’s photo and video quality is not good.Pls tell me how to fix it.

  4. Hi Dhananjay,

    Much appreciate your work for technology.

    I would like to know, if I flash the Android Oreo 8.1 Notrogen OS on my Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon version, is there a way to revert it back to MIUI9 in future.


  5. Magisk 15.3, 14.0 not able to install by twrp. But magisk 12.0 is able to install by twrp but after rebooting it is not showing the magisk app

  6. I flashed nitrogen is on redmi 3s prime…everything was good but after 1 day I realised suddenly VOLTE stopped ..volte icon also disappeared. IMS service status also showed unregistered…what to do?

  7. can you please help in bootloader unlocking process. whenever i try to bind my mi account with device it says couldn’t verify wait a minute or two and try again. the account has only one device linked to it and find device is on also it says online in device section of mi account. please help me.

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