OnePlus is fooling Indian customers “again”!

OnePlus is once again “misleading” the Indian crowd, the phone went on sale earlier this week in India and also internationally and in India, it is already the “highest grossing phone ever” on Amazon India.
As a result, Amazon announced a pretty attractive offer and which was extending the SBI 1500INR cash-back offer- which provides SBI credit and debit card holders a 1500INR cashback on purchasing the phone- until 2nd of July. OnePlus is also sending this cash-back offer via text message that being received by everyone who showed interest in the phone, and according to Amazon that is over 1 Million people who showed interest in OnePlus 5. The company very easily “forgot” to mention the “at launch” reference from the message, in order to make it seem like OnePlus 5 as highest grossing phone ever.
The text entirely reads as, “Thanks for making OnePlus 5 the highest grossing phone ever! Avail Rs.1500 cashback on SBI cards till 2nd July. Shop now!”. Here’s the tweet that OnePlus officially tweeted mentioning that OnePlus 5 is highest grossing phone ever:
Earlier this year OnePlus rolled out an advertisement featuring Amitabh Bachchan showing off the OnePlus 3T and mentioning that it was “ highest-rated phone” in the country, and competing it against Pixel XL, iPhone 7+ and other flagship famous devices. The ad was based on Kaun Banega Crorepati format, to which Sony televisions Pvt Ltd. Owns the rights. Sony requested the Delhi high court to take the ad off and it was claimed to be “unfair competition” and it was taken down.
OnePlus have relied upon some shady marketing tactics, initial controversy with OnePlus5 was regarding cheating in benchmark scores, and so Oneplus marketing tactics to sell the phone off cannot be relied upon.
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Image courtesy – Android Central.

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