SanDisk 400GB micro-SD card!

SanDisk mirco SXDC USH-I which sounds like a complex name but this turns out to be the World’s first micro-SD card to store 400GB of data. For someone who thinks 400GB is just a number! It is almost double the maximum storage that most phone companies are producing right now!

WD(Western Digital) which owns SanDisk claims that it will have Read and Write speeds up to 100MB/s at this rate you would be able to transfer 1200 photos per minute! We would be seeing them being used in phones which offer impractical expandable storage for upto 1TB, but seeing this I guess we are only a couple of steps away from achieving that crazy 1TB of storage!

We would be seeing them used a lot in Drones and many other Action Cams like GoPro’s because of that crazy super big 4K(3840X2160) video recording capabilities that almost every Drone these days have.

The SanDisk SDXC USH-I is a successor to its 200GB mirco-SD card that SanDisk released 2 years ago. It can store up to 40 hours of Full HD videos. This micro-SD card will come in at a hefty price of 250$ which will approximate to 16000INR of course you might think that at such a price I’d be able to buy a budgeted smartphone like Moto G5+ or any other Xiaomi device. So who is this SD card for, it is for the “Enthusiasts”, for people who like to carry around their heavy RAW 4K file around, video editors and people who like to play with their drones a lot and shoot a lot of 360 videos around the town.

Dhananjay said he is looking forward to buy one for reviewing and if it launches for around 15000INR he will be buying it specially for his supporters that is you guys!

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