Share YouTube videos according to Timestamps


is one of the most popular video engines on the internet. We watch a lot of videos on it, and share them too. But when we want share the video from a particular time of it, we usually type in a message “Skip to 7:03 and you will find something great….”

This gets the job done, but did you know you can generate a link that will automatically redirect the viewer to that particular time of the video ? Yes you can!
It’s quite easy on a desktop computer/PC as you find this option over there.

But if you want to do the same on your mobile device or smartphone, it’s easy too!
Just copy the link of the video. Then paste it in the text box or message box wherever you want to share it. After the link, enter this


And convert that timestamp into seconds.
For example, if you want to skip the video to 3:18, by using simple maths, convert bit into seconds.
3:18 = 3 minutes+18 seconds = 180+18 seconds = 198

(1 minute = 60 seconds, just in case you didn’t knew.)

And after ” = “ enter the number over there.
Do not add any spaces in between.

If your Link is

And you want to skip to 3:18,
After following the steps, your final link should look like this.

After the viewer clicks on that link, YouTube will automatically redirect the user to that particular timestamp.

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