Sony MDR-XB50AP EXTRA BASS Earphones Review! Excellent Microphone for voice overs!

This is by far the most requested Earphone Review but is Sony MDR XB50AP worth it? Can it live uto its “Extra Bass” marketing tagline?

Lets dive into the review directly, starting off with build quality, I will have to say that I am impressed! Even though Earphones may look bulky but they fit Comfortably & completely in the ear & wearing these earphones for long hours is a pleasure as they do not hurt at all but be sure to select the correct ear tip according to your ear. Design looks & feels premium which is a better thing as compared Sound Magic E10s!

Wires feel very ruggid & durable & won’t really shatter in coming year or two. Complete earphone survived my test for the period of 1 month in which i put it in bag barely & use them with other stuff present in the bag or put it in back pocket & sit with them even though I will not recommend you to do the same but something to note about!

Lets talk about sound quality now – One thing which I would like to mention is that sound coming out of these earphones is clear & pleasant to listen too. You can clearly differentiate between mids & highs & for a common man, its like differentiating between the singer’s voice & instruments playing in the background is easy meaning if you feel like shifting focus to only one instrument while listening to the complete song then its possible with this earphone & its an awesome thing!

Now lets talk about “BASS” for which almost everyone is waiting but before that let me do a small comparison with Sennheiser CX275s which cost around 1600 & SoundMagic E10s which cost around Rs.2000 & in all these earphones, bass on Sony XB50 is surely high & its really punchy if the song has that “bass”! But Sony is advertising this product as “Extra Bass” where as I did not find bass to be extremely powerful & I am not saying that the bass is not good ,it obviously is excellent & better than others but that “extra” thing seems a good marketing gimmick. So for all those EDM lover & people who want Good bass can surely go ahead & buy this earphone. Even if you don’t need a good bass & just need excellent sound quality then these earphones will satisfy you for sure!

Lets talk about that microphone now.It has a single button which can be pressed once to receive a call or cut a call or to play a song or one last to pause a song
If you click it twice to skip to next song! Microphone works superfine with android devices & you can find test recording of the microphone at the end of the video below!

So Overall the earphone is great & it is surely going to replace my SoundMagic E10s due to the extra bass it has! If you want to buy one for yourself then you can surely do that form the links below-




  1. they sound bit low compared to my previous earphones which were sennheiser and jbl ,
    bass , clarity everything is great except volume.

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