How to be Successful on YouTube | By Technical Guruji

Well, we have many talented people in our country whether it is a field of musician, comedian or even a Tech Enthusiast working on the largest Platform “Youtube” but sometimes it doesn’t go as well as we think.

Well, recently Dhananjay interviewed the largest Tech Youtuber from India “Technical Guruji” and gained some points and made a video on “How to be a Successful Youtuber” So If you already have a YouTube channel or planning to start one, you are at the right place.

1. Camera and Audio

Well, being a beginner it is not necessary to have full-fledged professional things like a DSLR, Professional Mic etc. Your smartphone can do most of the things. Remember that Audio should be your highest priority because even little bit shaky videos are accepted by viewers at times. So you can buy a cheap lapel mic here or can use your earphones mic as it is much better than your Smartphone’s mic. Even you can use a cheap tripod to get stable footage from here.

Try to use your camera in the best possible way.

2. Find your Own Passion!

Being a creator, don’t make a feeling that “You have to do the same thing that others are doing” (usually Tech). For once a man cannot make someone laugh better than food so obviously, he should start a cooking channel.

This thing will give you the confidence, motivation as well ideas.

Remember, Youtube is not an easy game unless your interest is not there! And the growth is confirmed after a period of time(which can be any) which is variable for each and every channel out there. Even you can learn from videos of other creators to get a good start.

3. Maintain Consistency!

Consistency is the key to success on Youtube either it is a day, week or month. It should follow a periodic graph.

And Post things right on time. For example “ iPhone 8 launched several months before and you brought it today, nobody is going to watch it

4. Interaction is important

Never ever underestimate your audience as they are the only factor which makes a channel’s growth up or down. Try to keep replying to their comments and make them feel that you are not a brand, you are just a normal guy fulfilling his/her passion and being viewed by other normal guys. Try to make a bond with them just to make them sure that the guy on the other side of the screen is acknowledging you and appreciating feedbacks.

5. Utilize time, don’t kill it! It’s just a Hobby

Many guys who are a student or doing something other than Youtube think that “Youtube is a must” resulting in a decrement in their other works as well. So keep it just as your hobby and be consistent by working in free time only!

It should be secondary because no one can tell you exact ad-rates (Hobby Relevancy is a must)


Well if you have some money to start with, we have some under budget recommendations for you-

Amazon Basics Tripod-

Canon 1300D-

Canon 700D-

Phones with Good cameras at budget-

Moto G5 Plus-

Honor 6X-

Zoom H1 Recorder-


To wrap up all these always remember 4 C’s-

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