Tesla will be releasing first Full Self-Driving Autopilot features in the upcoming Version 9 software

Tesla is planning on releasing software version 9, which will include Full-Self Driving(FSD) features in its early BETA/Prototype stages.

Elon Musk recently replied to one of his followers on Twitter on the improvements to Lane merging capabilities, further responding Musk added that Tesla would soon be pushing out their “long awaited” version 9 update which would majorly be focused on safety and we would also get to see some of the Full-Self Driving features.  Tesla states that the second generation of Autopilot hardware in the Model S, Model X and all Model 3 are capable of Full Self-Driving when ready, its software has so far progressed at a far more deliberate pace since firmware Version 8 was released back in 2016. Tesla is offering its FSD capabilities at a package of 3000$ and charging 5000$ for Enhanced Auto-Pilot (EAP).Tesla uses an array of 8 cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and a forward-facing radar to detect objects and obstructions on the road.

Elon Musk has been planning this “autonomous coast-to-coast drive” from a long time. Recently, during the company’s 2018 Annual Shareholder Meeting, Musk noted that it was only a matter of time before the coast-to-coast autonomous drive would be conducted. However Autopilot’s previous iterations, with the system being able to navigate through challenging terrain, severe weather, and at times, even streets with poor lane markings.

It would be quite interesting to see how Elon and Tesla make the Fully Self Driving safe and what would they be offering as initial features of FSD along with EAP.

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