How to Theme Android O without Root!

Another Reason to upgrade to Android Oreo, Custom Themes with the Substratum support in Android O without needing the ROOT Permissions. Recently the Developers at Substratum along with the support of XDA released the Andromeda add-on for Substratum.

How to Install Custom Themes?

Prerequisites –

  • A device running on Android Oreo.
  • In your phone head to PlayStore and Download Substratum Theme Engine and Andromeda substratum add-on.
  • Download the Andromeda Desktop Client and extract the .zip file.

All the Download links down below!


The Process –

  • Head to the developer option and turn on USB Debugging.
  • Connect your phone to the PC.
  • Open the Andromeda application on your phone and it should give you an error sort of prompt with Red box and saying Connection Status : Disconnected.
  • Open the Andromeda client on your PC with the .bat extension and run it as Administrator and it’ll open up the Command Prompt and pressing Enter, an bunch of commands pass by and after this It’ll setup Andromeda on your phone.
  • Once that process done it’ll open up Substratum directly on you phone, and in Substratum you can download and manage all the themes, and when you open Andromeda application again, it should show you Green box with connection status as Connected.
  • Now you can just download themes and get started!


How to Un-Install? –

  • If you feel like uninstalling the themes, open up the substratum app and head to “recovery” in the menu.
  • Hit on Restore.
  • Now you can Disable all the Overlays installed or select any one of them and done.

Substratum –

Andromeda app –

Andromeda Client for PC –

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