Things to remember before building PC in India!!

As we all know when it comes to electronics the pricing in India is always 20-25% more compared to other countries like USA, UK etc. The main reason for this is due to the high taxes and import duties that is imposed on these imported goods by the government.

Yes, some people do carry or ask their dear one’s to carry the gadgets which they want when they visit other countries in order to cut down the cost of the products.

But it’s not the same when it comes to PC building its impossible for one to carry huge items in their baggage.

This is where one has to depend upon wholesalers who import large number of goods at a time to reduce shipping costs and excess custom duties.

The reason one must buy computer components from wholesalers than retailers is to reduce the middle men commission which the retailers charge. This is the place where one can save at least 7-10%.

The online prices for PC components in India on major e-commerce sites are insane and mostly there are chances that you don’t get proper warranty.

I guess every metropolitan cities in India have a particular place in their cities where they can find these wholesale shops who sell computer components like SP Road in Bangalore & Nehru place in Delhi etc.

The main advantage of buying from wholesales sellers is one to reduce the cost and other is to get proper warranty and after sales service.

There are few online stores like Primeabgb, Theitdepot and Mdcomputers who sell both online and offline at fair prices still based on my recent experience of building a PC offline trust me you will find the price difference in offline stores.

So finally before you go any store make sure you are confident about what you are buying and make sure you double check the model numbers properly and take quotation from number of shops. And compare the prices and then choose the best.

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