Top Xposed Modules to Try in 2017!

So if you’ve installed the Xposed Framework and Xposed Installer successfully on your device and you’re on a look-out for Top Xposed Modules to try out, then you’re on a right place – these are your top 5 Xposed Modules to try out in 2017.

  • GravityBox –

No list is complete without mentioning GravityBox on your list, by installing GravityBox module on your device which is still in BETA if you’re on Nougat devices. You can basically have control and tweak a ton load to things in GravityBox, from Lockscreen tweaks to Statusbar Modifications to Pie Controls, this app got you covered. You can modify the power menu(how many elements show up in power menu) , you can add more volume steps to your music, use volume keys to skip tracks, set video bitrate for screen-recording, modify notification drawer style and manage data traffic, change status bar colours. All the changes can be applied once rebooted. This is one fully stacked app for Xposed and if you haven’t tried this out – I’d recommend you guys trying it out!

  • Flat Style Bar indicators –

If all you wanted was to get a complete minimal and flat look for you phone, then this module has got you covered, install it and you can make everything from WiFi signal indicator to battery indicator to date and time font look flat. There are a ton load of options/themes to select upon depending on your setup and just one simple reboot can help you achieve it. You should totally hop onto this app and start customising!

  • Awesome Pop-up video –

If you’re running on older versions of Android and want to try out that famous Picture-In-Picture mode from Android Oreo, then this module is for you.  It enables you to multitask while watching the video at the same time, it enable the pop-up window/floating window to watch video while surfing the web, going through Instagram and what not. This app is awesome and must check it out!

  • xStana –

If you want to achieve the look of your desired smartphone, customise Navigation bar and status bar icons of famous smartphone brands with just once click and reboot. You can achieve the look of Pixel line of phones, HTC, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, and  may more including that iPhone look. If you’re into customisation then you can’t go wrong with this app.

  • iFont –

This is the best font installer app if you’re rooted and have Xposed Installed. This app is designed to install some beautiful fonts, the catalogue consists of 100s of fonts to select from, to apply its as simple as just downloading and the required font and rebooting and you have just changed the font on your phone.


Those were the top 5 apps you should definitely try out if you Xposed Framework installed on your device.

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