Upcoming iPhones & iPads to have dedicated chipsets to process AI.


Artificial Intelligence or more commonly known as AI is the future accurately quoted by Tim cook, the CEO of Apple inc. on the event of WWDC 2016.Recently on the Google I/O the Sundar Pichai and team were focusing on the AI and the machine learning, which was very clear, and apparently Apple don’t want to stay behind to Google to the AI and stuff. Therefore Apple is reportedly working on developing the dedicated AI chip in the new upcoming iPhones and iPads.

The chip which may be called the Apple Neural Engine, will use complicated algorithms to recognise speech and facial and also the augmented reality (AR) tasks. The chip may reportedly improve the battery life, and could potentially improve the overall device performance.

Its unclear whether this move will be implemented in this years iPhones, but apple is already testing the prototypes with this new chipset. Apple is getting serious about the AI and machine learning. CEO Tim Cook over the past few years has dropped some hints in the interviews that augmented reality and AI are core 2 pillars of apple’s  future, they both provide avenues into promising new technologies like self-driving cars, and digital assistants.

Though we haven’t seen Apple making  any public announcements about AI and machine learning. The company has been hiring new industrial tech-heads and talents. In January Apple joined the partnership on AI,  a research group specialised in automation, robotics and digital intelligence. Apple also started allowing its AI scientists to publish papers. In February apple announced that it’d be expanding its Seattle office spaces, where AI and machine learning work is done.

In the coming years it’d be interesting on how apple performs on AI and stuff other that just Siri, and WWDC 2017 is about to take place in September, where most likely the iPhone 8 would be announced!

What are your Predictions?

Pranay Pathole

*Picture credits – 1)9to5Mac


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