Use JIO VOLTE on iPhone 5/5s! NEW WORKING Solution!

The configuration process of Jio4GVoice is as follows:
1. Insert a Jio SIM into your iPhone
2. Download latest version of Jio4GVoice from the Appstore
3. Launch the app and configuration process will start using the Jio SIM inserted in your iPhone
4. Your iPhone is now VoLTE ready to explore VVM & RCS features

NOTE: Make sure you are connected to LTE data & not WiFi in order for calls to work.

Jio4GVoice makes any iPhone 5 series Non-VoLTE phone VoLTE and RCS ready. This means that users on these phones can now use their Jio SIM to not only use data services but also Voice, Video calling and messaging services. That’s not all, Jio4GVoice enables a suite of features known as Rich Communication Services (RCS). Through RCS users will get exposure to distinct set of features such as:

1. Rich Calling : Through Rich Calling users can Add text, image and location or mark it as urgent while making a call. This content will be visible on the receiver’s incoming call screen, notifying him/her the purpose of the call. (Attached Screenshot)
2. In-Call Share: During an ongoing call users do a live sketch or share a map to the receiver . (Attached Screenshot)
3. Chat & Group Chat: Users can create a group or have a personal conversation with their friends
4. File & Location Share: Users can share any type of file or share their location during conversation.

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