Vivo embeds fingerprint scanner in screen display! Phone spotted in a video.

On-Screen fingerprint scanners have been a concept since long, and we have been expecting this to come in flagships like the iPhone 8, Samsung Note 8 or the LG’s and HTC’s.

Well, we have spotted a smartphone that sports an on-screen fingerprint scanner. Or in short, fingerprint scanner embedded into the screen. But, the brand which is the first one do this might surprise you. It’s not Apple or Samsung, neither any start-up company. it’s Vivo.


According to a video posted on Weibo by a user, it shows a Vivo branded phone having a fingerprint scanner embedded into the screen display. The video shows a lock screen that has a mark, where we need to keep our finger to unlock the device. Seems like only certain part of the screen has the fingerprint scanning functionality. Nevertheless, this is something innovative. And we have never witnessed on any smartphone before this.

The name and specs if the phone still remains unknown, but given the fact that Vivo is the first brand to implement this Technology, they might go with flagship specifications like the SnapDragon 835. This is what we expect from Vivo.

So Vivo embeds fingerprint scanner in screen display before Apple & Samsung…

This really surprises us that Vivo embeds fingerprint scanner in screen display. But we do think that Apple and Samsung too might use this Technology in their upcoming flagships iPhone 8/iPhone 7S and Note 8. And if Vivo manages to enter the market before the two big players, it would be welcomed by all us.

So what do you think about this ? Vivo isn’t a brand that is known for selling quality phones in terms of performance. They go crazy after selfies, but will you support Vivo if it implements such functionality before Apple or Samsung ? We would definitely do, and let us know your thoughts on our Social Media Links.

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