What is Google Up to?

“What is Google up to?”- Many people would be asking about these days as so many Google News dropping out this week, some official, some yet rumours and leaks. So this article will clear all the things about the News that you might have heard of.

The Google HTC Deal –

So this is an official news, previous week some of the news started leaking that whether Google would be acquiring HTC as a whole company like what they did with Motorola in 2012, but it turned out completely different sort of like what Microsoft did with Nokia and all the Lumia series smartphones. Google paid 1.1 billion$ to HTC in order to hire all the employees that were present in the Original Pixel smartphone development project.

That amount of fund would be beneficial to the Taiwanese company HTC as already it is a sinking ship and that amount of money would help them to spend more on the Marketing, R&D and other stuff.

What’s going to be unveiled on October 4th

So for those of you who don’t know on October 4th there is Google’s special event where they plan to unveil the next generation of Pixel smartphones, ofcourse the first generation of Pixel smartphones were so good that they even compete with the current years flagship phones like the S8 and the Essential PH-1. But id had some of the major flaws, like some huge bezels, their camera was the best and some people even consider it to be the best camera now but as it was missing OIS videos tend to have a kind of Jelly effect and low light performance a bit noisy and it also lacked a IP rating so no dust and water resistance, but this year’s Pixel they will be following a trend of Slimming down those bezels and it would be a lot slimmer and will have an OIS for even a better camera and officially water resistant.

The colour line-up would be available in 3 different colours as of now- black, white and a kind of “faint”/dull blue colour. The black and white variants would be available for 849$ for the 64GB one and 949$ for 128GB. The Faint Blue would starting at 649$ for the 64GB and 749$ for 128GB model.

Google Daydream VR headset also will be getting an update, new colours and same as that of pixel, with a changed material kind of like Nylon and it will also be coming in at a cheaper price of 99$.

There would also be a new Chromebook announcement with a changed name of Pixelbook with a pen starting at 1199$, and will come in Silver colour with 128, 256, 512GB storage variant and an additional pen PixelPen which will cost for 99$.

And as we all know Google is all about the AI and machine learning there would also be an announcement of new Google Home Mini with new colours and new materials starting at 49$.

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