Here’s why Google Camera MOD is not working on your device

After posting about how you can get Portrait mode selfies on almost any phone using the Google Camera MOD app, a lot of users amongst you were complaining that you were complaining that you just couldn’t get it working on your device. Even when it’s running Android Oreo and Camera2api enabled! Here’s why the app is not working on your device.

The compatibility of Google Camera has 3 requirements :

1) Your phone's processor (SoC)
2) Android Oreo (64 bit)
3) camera2api enabled

The Google camera app was being made for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL and that particular is made only for that device. You just cant get the apk from the Pixel devices and get it working on your device straightaway. But Arnova8G2 from XDA Developers has managed to port that application to some other devices that have Qualcomm Snapdragon Processors.

Now your device needs to have a modern Snapdragon processor that has the Hexagon DSP by Qualcomm on it, to get Google Camera MOD working on your device. Here is alist of processors that have the Hexagon DSP on it.

Some latest platforms like the Snapdragon 626, 630, 660 and all the processors Qualcomm has launched in 2017 and after that will support the app.

Also, your device needs to have a 64bit Operating System. Devices like the Moto g5+ Moto g5s+ have a 32 bit OS so you cannot get the Google Camera MOD working on them. OEM’s opt for 32 bit OS for some of their own reasons for which we and even XDA developers can’t help to some extent. It becomes very difficult for developers to develop a whole 64 bit OS for a device for which the OEM has launched just a 32 bit OS. Developer’s don’t get paid by anyone. They work for the community for free and get some resources through donations only, which some people do.

Now devices from Huawei, Samsung and some other manufacturers use their own processors in their devices. Huawei uses Kirin Hisilicon whereas Samsung uses Exynos, both of them are which not from Qualcomm Snapdragon series. So it becomes really hard for developers to port the Google Camera MOD application to devices with different processors. A lot of work goes into studying the processor and getting the right goes to get the app working on that particular processor. developers are trying their best to do it, but it requires time. So be patient.

Now, if you can always try going to XDA Developers website and searching for the Google Camera MOD thread for your particular device. And if you have some other queries, you can post your questions in the thread of your particular device and you will surely get a answer from someone in the community. But do post in the thread of your device only!

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