Yu Yureka Black is a rebranded ‘Wiko U Feel Prime’

YU a sub brand of Micromax, targets the midrange price segment has launched the YU Yureka Black today. And as usual, it is a rebranded phone. Here we are, taking the curtains off the stage and and exposing the story of YU Yureka Black.
The phone packs in decent hardware. It runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 chipset, coupled with 4GB of RAM. It has 32GB of Internal Storage. A 5.2 inch IPS LCD 1080p screen. 8mp front camera, 13mp rear camera. A 3000mAh battery and full black design. It also has a fingerprint scanner. All this package sells on Flipkart for ₹8999.

We know you aren’t here for the specification, this is what you came for.

The YU Yureka Black is a rebranded Wiko U Feel Prime, that has been selling in China since mid 2016. The Indian and Chinese pricing are quite similar. Not a marginal difference like the Micromax Dual 5 that was another rebranded phone, which sells in India at a price 32% higher than the original cost of the phone.
All Micromax did here was replacing the Wiko logo with their Punch logo. It does take some serious amount of time to decide where and how to replace the logo. In this case, 8 months.
This is not the first time we have seen Micromax [YU] doing such silly things. They have even marketed Android 5.0 as Marshmallow. You can read the full story regarding this here.
So Dear Micromax, please stop being the last bencher student of the class who always copies his friends. Learn something from your competitors like Xiaomi, Lenovo and do some R&D.
Anyways, we can only hope that Micromax improves and comes up as a better Indian brand in future. Till next time, we are busy keeping an eye on Micromax and YU to let you know which next phone they have rebranded and launched in India.

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