Android co-founder Andy Rubin set to announce his first Smartphone from Essenstial on May 30th.


We all receive a lot of #HYPE, especially in tech community. Phone makers, Laptop makers tend to release a very exciting trailer of their upcoming devices, which is what happening now, Android co-founder Andy Rubin offered us a teaser glimpse of his upcoming smartphone a few weeks ago. Now a few days ago he tweeted out telling people to go ahead and follow Essential on twitter. Andy Rubin is preparing to formally release the smartphone his new company Essential, he has been working on.

Few days back, essential tweeted that “something big is coming” declaring the date May 30th , and Rubin declared that they are ready to share what they have been working on.
The phone which rubin teased a few months back looked to a weird Aspect ratio on 18 : 9 , which is what the trend is being followed right now by many smartphone companies, opting for a bezel-less display and almost infinite screen. It looked similar to what LG G6 and Samsung S8 have been doing.

Eric Schmidt later confirmed that the device will run on stock Android, which stands pretty obvious.
In January it was reported that from a prototype of Essential Smartphone featured metal edges and a ceramic back, the company also said that they were working on a connector that serves as a double duty for charging battery and expanding the functionality over the period of time.
Few companies aside from Motorola have stuck over with the concept of Modular smartphone.
Like Moto Z series, which is a little bit moving towards the concept of modularity, by providing magnetic cases, JBL soundboost Mod, Hasselblad Camera mod. But there has been no major leap in the concept of modular phones like swapping off an old SoC and replacing it with the new one or if the camera is old swapping the camera and replacing it with the new one. If that looks very farfetched to you, because it is. There were projects like ARA or Phoneblocks but because they were early in time they did not work. May be this Essential smartphone can take a step closer to these projects, but hey who knows?

Essential’s Twitter page doesn’t offer any new details or teasers from different angles or any internal specifications about their smartphone. But my bet this that they would be opting for the top notch internals, like Snapdragon 835, Adreno 540 GPU, good Battery life, 18 : 9 Aspect Ratio and a sharp QHD 2560 X 1440 Display, and would come in at a premium price. Mark your calendars on May 30th!

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