Everything to know About Essential Phone!


Coming straight from the maker of the biggest Operating System, which recently hit a total of 2 Billion of active users, the Almighty Android. Andy Rubin who bought a company Essential released a phone, “Essential Phone”, a total clean, with no logos anywhere, made up of premium materials like titanium and ceramic. It was lately receiving a lot of HYPE. Here are all the specifications of the phone,

1)Display –

5.71” QHD screen (2560 X 1440p)

19 : 10 weird Aspect ratio

Almost Bezel-less display, but a little bezels on bottom.

2)Performance –

As expected all top notch internals- Snapdragon 835, 4GB RAM and 128GB of storage, running on a complete stock Android out of the box.

3)Camera –

Rear Camera –

Dual Camera setup, doesn’t use that telephoto lens that iPhone 7 plus uses, but it uses a monochromatic sensor which is present in Huawei P9 and P10. That secondary sensor will be able to take more light in than a traditional, meaning it can be combined with the regular 13MP camera to give better low light shots.

Front Camera –

It is place at a awkward position at the centre of the display, and  a 8MP sensor that can also capture 4K video.

4)Build Quality –

Made up of premium material like Titanium and ceramic so if you drop it may not take in any major damages, compared to what S8 and iPhone would take in built up of Aluminium ,

It also comes a step closer of concept of Modular Smartphones, by bringing in a magnetic snap-on 360 degree camera, and also a charging dock. Brings in a USB Type-C which is future.

But the real bummer is it has no headphone jack, but a dock is included in a box.

5)Battery life –

It has not been yet disclosed ( will be disclosed later in the event)

All of these Flagship Specs come in at a typical Flagship price, starting at a cost of $699 and would be available across all major carriers.

It would be good to see how a new phone stacks up to the competition against S8 and iPhones and other flagships already prevailing in the market.

Pranay Pathole

*All images Taken from verge.com*


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