OnePlus 5 confirmed to have headphone jack, 1080p display and iPhone 7+ like Dual Cameras.


OnePlus 5 is everywhere now on the internet. Some are complaining of the phone being a replica of iPhone 7+, whereas some say design isn’t important unless the phone packs in a good hardware at an aggressive price. 1+5 will be officially​ revealed tomorrow, but before that, here are 5 things that are confirmed about the OnePlus 5 and we feel you must know them.

1) The Camera Placement

The OnePlus 5 will be having a dual camera setup, and will be placed horizontal to the top left corner, similar to the iPhone 7+ What we feel is, it will have the same function of 2x optical zoom, but we never know if OnePlus has some surprise left for us. We confirm this from some leaked images of 1+5 Accessories.

2) No 2K display, 1080p yet again!

From what our sources say, the OnePlus 5 will be having a FHD 1080p Amoled Display Panel, which actually seems practical and 2K doesn’t make a great difference as compared to 1080p in day to day usage, just the VR quality improves in 2K. But given the fact we will be using the phone instead of VR for most of the time, a 1080p panel seems practical, both for cost cutting and saving battery life. Some boot images of the 1+5 are here.

3) OPPO’s VOOC Fast Charging Technology.

One of the USP of 1+3 and 1+3T was the 20W fast charger which charged the phone quickly, even faster than Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0
It’s sure to make a return here to the 1+5.

4) Not Bezel-Less yet, but has a Headphone Jack!

OnePlus 5 will have shrunken bezels from the sides as compared to its predecessor, but still won’t be as good as the S8/S8+ But, for sure it has a HeadPhone Jack!


5) Do you feel OnePlus is still trolling us, and the 1+5 will be like this ?

The specsheet is confirmed. SnapDragon 835, 6/8 GB of RAM. (Read here for benchmark results and more of the OnePlus 5) But still, do you feel that OnePlus will give us a great surprise Tomorrow ? Seems hypothetical, but let us know your thoughts in the comments and on our social media links.


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