5 reasons to buy OnePlus 5!


We all love flagship phones, but we hate the price they come in at. That’s what the people at OnePlus a small start-up company promises to deliver, flagship phones at a cheap and affordable price! They are known for this in 2014 they launched their 1st phone OnePlus One which solds in at almost 19,000 INR, which promised flagship specs at a relatively cheaper price, they were really developing and small at that time so they started an “invite” system and their aim was to deliver the phone to the specific target audience and not a lot of people knew about that phone back then. In 2015 they launched their 2nd generation of OnePlus known as OnePlus 2 which was being sold at 20,000 INR all it was starting to receive some “hype” and people were going crazy to buy that phone, but yet it was also based on invite system. Then previous year they launched OnePlus 3 and 3T both were fully packed with specs and a relatively cheaper price of 27,000-29,000 compared to other similar speced phone, and then the invite system was abolished and this phone was open to all and was sold at amazon.in and they crushed it with the sales! Today OnePlus is dropping another phone in India “OnePlus 5”, and it follows a same trend of flagship phone for a cheaper price.

Here are 5 reasons to buy a OnePlus 5 –

  • Price-

As said before OnePlus promises top notch specs for a cheaper price compared to other similar categories phones, it comes in at 33000INR for a 6GB/64GB RAM/Storage option and 38000INR for a 8GB/128GB variant and you are getting the latest and greatest processor Snapdragon 835, and compared to Samsung S8 it seems a way better deal as it only has 4GB RAM and also has Snapdragon 835, and it comes in at a cost of around 60000INR.


  • Specs –

The no.2  got to be the just the core specifications. It has 2 variants as discussed above a 6GB/64GB and another of a 8GB/128GB variant and a Snapdragon 835 chipset which is based upon the 10mm technology which optimizes the battery, speaking about the battery it has a 3300mAh battery which provides a average 4-5 of screen on time. It has 1080p fullHD display and no flashy things like weird aspect ratio and minimal bezels. It also has UFS2.1 which is a dual lane system which provides faster read/write speeds and less boot times and overall a better performance.


  • Software –

Oneplus is known for the software it provides, that is the Oxygen OS which provides a near clean stock android experience with some customisations and tweaks and no bloated apps.  Oneplus also releases the updates quite very quickly to fix any bugs of found.


  • Dual-Camera –

Dual-camera setup is 4th on the list because there are many phones promising to provide a dual camera setup which is not new by any means. Many people are complaining about the dual camera setup looks a lot like iPhone7+ of very much alike to its sister company Oppo R11. But it looks promising as it seems to have partnered with DxO to rank higher i their camera performance which the field where they were lacking. The dual camera consists of a 16MP primary camera with f/1.7 and a telephoto lens of 20MP of f/2.6 to produce that bokeh effect. The front camera also consists of 16MP sensor with f/2.0.


  • Support Assistance-

OnePlus being a smaller company having only a few hundred employees listens to the feed-back given by its users and implements it in their newer phones, that is why OnePlus is known and is very famous in the group of techies. It also doesn’t void the warranty of the phone on unlocking its boot-loader for flashing some custom ROMs that is why it is famous, it wants people to try out some new ROMs and other softwares.


Will you be planning to pick up a OnePlus 5 for yourself?

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Pranay Pathole.


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