All you need to know about JioPhone!


The JioPhone is available to get hands on from September for 1500INR which will be needed to be deposited, and the things get interesting when that 1500INR can be refunded fully after three years making the phone practically free,  and it will come with a unlimited data per month for just a mere price of 153INR which will give you complete access of all the Jio exclusive apps, JioCinema, JioTV and also JioMusic which will come pre-installed in the phone along with a exclusive Jio browser. Jio is giving free voice calls and texts along with unlimited data and usage of Jio exclusive apps for 153 rupees.

JioPhone will also offer access to FaceBook along with their exclusive apps. The phone will also have voice commands and will be able to recognize 22 different local languages.

The reason behind launching JioPhone at such a cheap rate and such a low internet usage cost is providing internet services to all mainly focused to Indians. There are 780 million phones that are active and more than 500 million phones have no internet access and are deprived of using it mainly because of the high internet prices and want to make India more developed.

There is an approximate consumption of 1.2 billion GB of cellular mobile data per month and Jio serving 85% of that traffic. Jio now has almost 125 million registered users across all India and that has been achieved by Jio in a single year and their growth has been significant.

Jio is running a BETA test on August 15th that is the Independence day for India, and the phone will go o pre-order on August of 24th. Normal availability will kick-off in September and Jio is aiming at production of 5 million devices.

Will you be interested in picking up a JioPhone and the cheap unlimited data?

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