Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset –AH101 launched in India at the price of ₹36,999


Acer has entered the game of virtual reality by launching the most affordable and simple to use windows mixed reality headset –AH101 at a price of just ₹36,999 in India.

The most highlighting feature of this is its price and the fact that you don’t require to install any kind of sensors around the room in order to use it.Inside the box you get the virtual reality headset which includes all the sensors required for tracking and speaker built into it and two controllers with basic documentations and cables.

Acer claims that the tracking should be instant and accurate as the sensors are present on the headset itself. Like any other VR Headset you need not have to remove the entire headset if there are any interruptions as it comes with a flip visor.

It comes with an adjustable double padded headband so one need not have to worry about comfort. It also includes a feature known as Spatial audio which will help you hear sound from specific locations just like in real life.

The headset is equipped with a 2880 x 1440p 2.48inch screen with a pixel density of 706ppi and 100 degree field of view. And consists of all the basic sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope and proximity sensor etc.

Here is an image with all the specifications

So the main purpose of this bundle is to provide affordable and quality VR experience to the end consumers with easy and hassle free installation.

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