MIUI 10 Features!


Xiaomi has been improving their MIUI ecosystem with the release of every new versions to make it more feature full and user friendly. In the recent event which took place in China Xiaomi has unveiled the new MIUI 10 which has a lot of cosmetic changes and features added to it.

Here are some of the features and changes which we found attractive:

NOTIFICATION BAR- On the top left we get the time and date and on the right we get settings icon, network speed, carrier name and battery status. And below that we find the quick settings which are white in colour and turn blue when you turn them ON. The increase in the size of the brightness slider is definitely useful especially while using the phone in bright sunlight. And definitely the new animations compliment it. So overall it is different and better when compared to the MIUI 9.5.                                                                                                                           

VOLUME CONTROLS- It looks very similar to ANDROID P. The controls appears on the right side of the screen so you need not struggle to move your fingers upwards to control it and yes here also the size of the volume slider has increase. Another new feature is when you play any media and if it has still not started playing and you change the volume it will control the media only and not change your phone from vibrate to ringing mode. There is a small bell button below the slider which will change from silent to ringing mode and vice versa. And by clicking on the three dots will open up the volume menu where we can control alarm, media and ringing volume.


RECENT APP SCREEN- Overall this section has received the major changes. Full screen of all the apps are shown in the multitasking menu and can be removed by swiping towards left or right.                                                                                                                By long pressing on any app shows 3 options which allows us to lock the app in multitasking menu, open it in split screen mode and open the settings of that app.           

SETTINGS MENU- It is almost unchanged few features has been added. We can switch to previous apps by pulling and holding for few seconds from left or right edge on the screen which is actually useful at times.                                                                       

AI FEATURES- It includes a voice assistant which can only understand and speak  Chinese and most probably it won’t come to the global ROM as it takes lot of time and manpower to develop an English assistant. There are also new sound effects for clicking photos and locking screen etc.

The camera app has also received some upgrades like AI portrait mode. And according to Xiaomi this feature should be supported by all the device after getting MIUI 10 update even though your phone has single camera setup.

Here are some of the samples taken on MI MIX 2 which has single front facing camera:      

To know more indepth about the features we request you to watch the video linked below and also stay subscribed to the channel as there is a installation guide coming very soon.



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