Automatically Reply to Texts with this App!

You may have ever in your life wanted someone to do the texting for you while you are busy at some work, well this app can do that for you, auto replying has never been this easy before, so without any further a due lets get started.

Firstly head to the playstore or to the link given in the description before and download the app TextAssured.

Open it up, give it access to your texts and phone calls and that’s almost it, at this point you can type in some custom message, that you are driving or something lame like that and you are basically set.

So whenever someone texts or tries to call you during that period of time, your phone will do the job for you and send out your custom made reply to let that person know you are busy.

You can also set up custom time, that is till how much time you want auto replies to work, also setting up a location and driving mode are coming soon.

Also in settings you can Ignore short numbers and also there is a wait time between autoreplies to the same person, which is really cool.

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