boAt BassHeads 225 Review! Best earphones under Rs 500?

Let’s review one of the most popular budget earphone- boAt BassHeads 225 In-Ear Super Extra Bass Headphones. Seems like adding extra bass in the title makes it more appealing and interesting but lets find out more about these earphones.

In the box you get earphones, this warranty information card because this earphone has 1 year of warranty too. You also get 4 pairs of ear tips with 1 pair of wing tip & 1 clip which can be used to clip earphones to your shirt. Let’s dive into the build quality of the earphones which is very good considering the price of Rs.500 Flat type cable makes the earphones somewhat tangle free. Earphones are available in three different colors & I have the red color over here.

The wire is made of good quality rubber but I won’t really stretch it with force. The mic is also made of very strong plastic. The majority of Earphone is made of metal and feels good in the hand. the part of earphone which goes in the ear is made of plastic which is a good thing as Plastic doesn’t get too hot or too cold. Considering the price, the build quality is A+.

Let’s talk about the comfortability (if that’s a word) of these earphones. As soon as I unbox any earphone I change the ear tips to the smallest one as it fits perfectly in my ear but with boAt Bassheads 225 that wasn’t the case! Even after using the smallest pair of ear tips it was still slipping out of my ear while slight walking or by moving & yes I did secure it properly inside my ear! If you use the wing tip provided in the box then it does secure the earphone properly in the ear but then that becomes something which you will have to carry every day and keep it safely so that you won’t loose it too!

Now let’s get to the point and talk about the sound quality or the “Extra Bass”! Frankly speaking yes it does have a very good bass but it’s not overwhelming which is really good as it can be enjoyed by bass heads as well as a regular listener and that’s the plus point of this earphones. If you listen to acoustic songs with singers like Arjit Singh then it sounds good there & as soon as you shift to a bass heavy song it produces that really good bass. But make sure your device outputs a good sound quality to be able to hear that good bass or try some other music player app from play store as I was able to get really good bass on the 1+3T but not on the G5 Plus. SRT phone delivered a decent amount of bass though. Bass is not muddy in my opinion and that’s the best part about these earphones but these are surely shifted towards bass. The separation between mids and highs is okay and not great. For the price of Rs 500, I can’t really complain much.

For the price of Rs 500, I can’t really complain much

It surely doesn’t perform as good as my current favorites Sony XB 50 AP Review here but they also cost 4 times more than this. So should you buy these? Yes if you need good bass in your earphones and your budget is Rs 500.but if you do not like bass and want a very good sound quality vale earphones then check out my full review of Audio Technica ATH CLR 100 here.

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