Everything about LG V30!

LG V30 isn’t out yet but since it is 2017 everything leaks so this is all we know about the LG V30.

There are not a whole lot of V series phones launched from LG, there are only 2 of them so far the V10 and the V20. People at LG are putting money on their big phone V30 to be a big hit.

For the specifications it is basically all the Flagship specs that any flagship devices would have at a Flagship price. For the processor V30 would be sticking with Snapdragon 835, which was not present in G6 and the absence of latest processor caused the phone to be a deal breaker for some people. It is expected that V30 will at least have a RAM upto 4GB, but there are chances that they may bump it upto 6GB of RAM.The storage options are expected to be 64GB as standard upto 128GB along with micro SD card expansion.

Rumours suggest that V30 wont have a bigger battery than that of G6, would be around 3300mAh, and will have a non-removable battery unlike V20 and G5 and would support wireless charging and Quick Charge 3.0.

It’ll be running on Android 7.1.1 out of the box which LG skin on top of it, now some people like the LG UI whereas some people just hate it.

It’ll be having a massive 6 inch display along with Gorilla Glass 5 and curved display like G6 and S8 with a resolution of 2880×1440 which would be similar to LG G6.

Now, speaking about the cameras it’ll have dual camera setup very 2017, with primary lens of 13MP f/1.6 ,OIS and secondary would be a wide angle setup with 13MP f/2.4.

There would be a 3.5mm Headphone jack, 3D audio, Hi-Fi audio recording and Hi-Fi DAC.

The camera will be super important and are super hyped about because of that f/1.6 which is the widest aperture on any smartphone camera and will let you take in 25% of more light that f/1.8 and will produce better quality and clarity photos by using Crystal clear lens rather than plastic lens.

The V30 would be available in 3 colours as of now in black, blue and white and would have IP  68 dust and water resistance. LG V30 would be unveiled on August 31st, with the start of IFA trade show one week after the unveiling of  Note 8. The V30 would be available for retail on September 15.

Considering the high price of the V series smartphones the V10 and V20 the V30 would be falling in a 700$ category, but with LG G6’s cut in prices a few weeks after the launch pointing towards its poor sales will result in increasing the price of V30.

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